Build a culture of learning that accelerates your nonprofit’s impact. Using our 3-step, Design-Measure-Act process, create a data practice that leads to more informed and equitable decisions, allows you to better communicate your impact and attracts more funding.

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Learn to implement data practices that best represent community voice, and use that information to be more inclusive, equitable and effective in your decision-making. Be a part of this workshop series, and move towards more equitable data practices.
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Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM (MT) / 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM (ET) 
Join our interactive workshop to learn key practices that engage staff in data-informed decision making, receive examples of effective practices that lead to improvement and change, and begin developing action steps for your own organization.


This free survey tool is designed to help organizations use data to rapidly assess and inform the response to community needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


This webinar is designed to give you the tools you need to learn about the shifting needs of the children and families you are serving, and those families you haven’t historically served, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This webinar is designed to give you the tools to translate your data into practical, actionable and impactful solutions. It will walk through the elements of a data use session, providing you with a concrete way to quickly synthesize your learning and drive toward action.

Meet the Team: Katrina Naeve

It’s a Meet the Team blog post kind of day, and today, we’re highlighting Katrina Naeve, Impact Consultant here at ResultsLab. Katrina Naeve, Impact Associate has over 5 years of experience with database and data strategy management as well as programmatic experience with nonprofit and international development organizations. She is passionate about using data to…


Meet the Team: Cheryl Arndt

We are excited to introduce and feature Cheryl Arndt, Senior Impact Consultant in today’s Meet the Team. Cheryl is committed to helping non-profits use their data effectively. She enjoys collaborating with organizations throughout every stage of the data lifecycle—from designing the best questions to collecting, analyzing, visualizing, communicating, and acting on the data. Cheryl has over 25…


Meet the Team: Erika Hansen

We are excited to introduce and feature Erika Hansen, Digital Community Coordinator in today’s Meet the Team. Erika brings over seven years of experience in communications, relationship building, and sustainability to her role as Digital Community Coordinator at ResultsLab. Previously, she worked alongside Pre-K through 12th grade teams to implement on site garden-based education programs and managed…


Meet the Team: Lauren Aylward

It’s a Meet the Team blog post kind of day, and today, we’re highlighting Lauren Aylward, Associate Impact Consultant here at ResultsLab. Lauren strives to take a human-centered approach to all the work she does and to find ways to make data and evaluation more accessible and approachable for all. Lauren has a background in…


Meet the Team: Megan Mitchell

It’s a Meet the Team blog post kind of day, and today, we’re highlighting Megan Mitchell, Senior Impact Consultant/Learning Manager here at ResultsLab. Megan’s passion for data-driven change and strategic planning began as a classroom teacher in Memphis, Tennessee, and has continued through her work within and alongside non-profit organizations as an evaluator, as a…


Meet the Team: Lindsay Nason

We are excited to introduce and feature Lindsay Nason, Marketing & Operations Associate in today’s Meet the Team. Lindsay has a passion for empowering others through storytelling and enhancing experiences.  She optimizes operations, executes marketing plans and assists with client engagements. Lindsay brings a variety of technical and strategic skills, which she has developed through…


Setting a Baseline for Program Improvement & Growth

“You guys are just great – I’m not the evaluator but I love evaluation. I love being able to tell the story.” – Eileen Auer Bennet, Executive Director Assuring Better Child Health & Development (ABCD) was established in Colorado in 2006 to help address the need for healthy development in young children. It’s a statewide…


Creating an Impact Strategy: Examples & Key Insights

Does your organization know where it wants to go? Are you moving with direction or just moving? It’s easy to stay busy all day, moving fast without getting anywhere, and getting sidetracked by things that make us feel like we are making progress, but aren’t actually leading us to where we want to end up.…


Meet the Team: Jaclyn Sablosky

It’s a Meet the Team blog post kind of day, and today, we’re highlighting Jaclyn Sabolsky, Senior Director here at ResultsLab. Jaclyn works to build stronger brands, strengthen partnerships and enhance client experiences. She is a results-oriented executive with 15 years experience in strategic marketing initiatives. She is data-driven, customer-focused and passionate about driving social…


Meet the Team: Senior Impact Consultant, Cristina Gonzalez-Avram

Cristina Gonzalez-Avram, Senior Impact Consultant has provided more than 15 years of research and programmatic support to nonprofit and governmental organizations. She brings expertise in program strategy and development, research and evaluation, and project management. She is passionate about organizational effectiveness and developing bottom-up approaches that address pressing social problems. Cristina holds a Master’s Degree in…


Meet the Team: Senior Impact Consultant, Susan Trickett

Susan Trickett, Senior Impact Consultant is a researcher, evaluator and data specialist with over 15 years of experience conducting applied evaluation and research studies in K-12 and higher education, government, and human service organizations. Her expertise includes qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches. While at Denver Public Schools, she served as Director of Innovation Research for the…


Meet the Team: Senior Impact Consultant, Marisol Cruz

Marisol Cruz, Senior Impact Consultant here at ResultsLab, is known for creating leadership experiences that allow community members to take an active role in decision-making processes and for helping nonprofits establish effective and efficient evaluation practices. Dedicated to connecting with people on a personal level, she infuses fun into every relationship and learning experience she…


3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Participatory Evaluation Activity

Participatory design and evaluation is a great way to engage community members meaningfully and authentically in the work of social change. It’s an approach that is used to elevate community voice into the design, data and decision-making process. If you’ve ever heard of, or participated in, a participatory design and evaluation activity, you are probably…


Meet the Team: Impact Consultant, Agnès Kabambi

Agnès Kabambi, Impact Consultant here at ResultsLab, has over 6 years of experience supporting nonprofit evaluation capacity building and specializes in systems development, data management and program evaluation for community development programs. She has a passion for using the power of data to acknowledge and honor the complexities of lived experiences within oppressed communities and…


Meet the Team: Associate Impact Consultant, Caitlin McAteer

Welcome back to our ResultsLab Meet the Team blog series. Today, we’re highlighting Caitlin, Impact Associate Consultant here at ResultsLab. Caitlin is committed to the improvement of systems and standards. Through experience in evaluation, anthropology, and public health, she works to build a more equitable society where all people live fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives.…


How to ask questions that will result in good, useful data

Have you ever started to develop a learning question (also known as a research or evaluation question), and before you even write anything down you start to wonder… “I have so many questions, where do I start?” Or maybe you’ve already written down a few ideas and then you think… “Ugh. There are so many…


Meet the Team: ResultsLab Senior Consultant, Bonnie Hernandez

Today, we’re back with another feature in our Meet the Team blog series. This time, we’re hearing from Bonnie Hernandez, Senior Consultant here at ResultsLab.  Bonnie Hernandez’s eye for effectiveness and efficiency is born from 15 years of experience on the inside of government and nonprofit organizations. As a consultant with our team, she finds patterns…


Highlights from Our Latest Impact Rapid Program

What is an “Impact Rapid Program”?  Was that your first question? If so, we’re glad you asked. Because so many nonprofits struggle with data use and measurement practices (often due to a lack of resources/human capital or both), we created the Impact Rapid program, which is a 6-month experience where participants get at taste of…


Meet the Team: ResultsLab VP, Impact Services, Kenzie Strong

Welcome back to our ResultsLab Meet the Team blog series. Today, we’re excited for you to get to know our Vice President of Impact Services, Kenzie Strong. Kenzie’s 15-year background in program evaluation includes work with organizations such as Mile High United Way, Right To Play International, Save the Children USA, ActionAid International, and the…


Thoughts on how we can make evaluation more meaningful and empowering for young people

The annual Shared Risk and Protective Factors Conference draws young people and adults across Colorado who are engaged in creating connected communities and safe, healthy, and successful youth. Over the course of two days, in beautiful Keystone, CO, participants enjoyed an action-packed series of sessions and inspiring speakers on topics such as youth engagement, partnerships,…


Reflections from the Good Tech Fest Conference

Our Founder and CEO, Cindy Eby, recently traveled to Chicago to attend and present at the Good Tech Fest Conference (more about Cindy’s presentation to come!). Organized by Data Analysts for Social Good, the conference focuses on technology but what brings everyone together is a passion for creating change. Good Tech Fest is a place…


Meet the Team: ResultsLab Founder and CEO, Cindy Eby

Welcome! Over the coming weeks, we will feature ResultsLab team members who work collectively to ensure capacity-building and transformation to impact is happening in the social sector. Today, we’re going to get to know the mastermind behind ResultsLab – the Founder and CEO, Cindy Eby. With over 20 years of experience with implementation of evidence-based…


3 Questions You Should Ask When Looking at Your Data

You know that great feeling of accomplishment you get after collecting piles of data about your program? “This is great!” you say, “Now I’ll finally be able to show that my program is actually (insert your impact phrase here: helping people find jobs, helping youth graduate from high school, etc.). But before you dive into…


Building a Data-Driven Culture is Easier than You Think

As long as funders are providing nonprofits with funding, and nonprofits are providing valuable programs and services for the common good, data will be an integral part of evidence that suggests what kind of impact is being made within communities. At ResultsLab, we often hear how daunting it can feel for our clients to be…


Create More Buy-in from Stakeholders through Data Visualization

Gone are the days of loyal donors writing checks and not following up on their donations—sound familiar? If you’ve sat through any philanthropy conference, fundraising seminar, or donor cultivation training in the past several years, you have heard this message. You’ve heard it all: Millennials are a different kind of donor…Gen Zers need to get…


Is Your Measurement Aligned with Your Organizational Values?

“I just don’t know if youth are being honest with us on this survey.” In a recent coaching session with a youth-serving organization, we were talking about the program director’s concern that the youth in their program were not filling out surveys truthfully. At ResultsLab, we hear this a lot. Organizations are concerned that they…


How an Impact Strategy Can Change the Way You Think about Your Work

We know you are busy. Nonprofit work can be as draining as it is rewarding. And you have SO MUCH to do – trying to connect clients to rental assistance, making name tags for an event, writing funder reports…the list goes on. So, when the outside world says, I’d love to see how all your…


How to Breathe Life into Your Impact Strategy

Impact Strategy, aka Theory of Change, aka Outcomes Framework – all nonprofit organizations should have one of these, right? Right! I know what you’re thinking: Of course I have an Impact Strategy. It’s in a PDF in my Grants folder. All funders ask for one. BUT where else does it live? Who else knows of…


You Too Can Re-Imagine Evaluation

People have a visible reaction to the word evaluation. When I walk into a room and say that I am an evaluator, people sit back in their chairs, they visibly stiffen, they hold their breath. I can read their minds – What am I doing wrong? Oh no, not this again. You are going to…


Top 3 Data Pitfalls and What to do About Them

Intake form? Check! Pre-survey? Check! Post-survey? Check! There you are – chugging along with your evaluation practice. Nice job! A pat on the back is well-deserved. So now that you are feeling pretty solid about your data, we want to share a few things to think about that can take you to the next level.…