Impact Manager

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re wondering how your organization can harness the power of data the way your more established counterparts do, but with considerably more limited time and resources.

While your organization might not be ready to take a deep-dive into the world of data, your teams still need the benefits that effective, consistent data collection and analysis can deliver – and your mission, as well as the community you serve, deserves it.

If your organization is looking for the experience and insight of an evaluation professional but does not yet have the need for a full-time staff member, our Impact Manager may be the perfect solution for where you are right now.

The Impact Manager

What it is: An Impact Manager is a consultant from the ResultsLab team who functions as a part-time evaluator for your organization. Our intent is to train, coach and support your organization’s staff to take on these impact management practices over time, and we will work with you to structure this support to best fit your organization’s needs. You get the insight of experts in the field, and will see tangible progress on data collection, management, analysis and use within your organization. It’s a powerful way to achieve your organization’s goals in an accessible, low-burden manner.

The Impact Manager will deepen your measurement practice and expand data-informed decision-making within your organization.

The Impact Igniter

What it is: Affordable and accessible. We’ve designed this service to provide you with the experience, skills, and tools you need, without pulling too much from your other areas of strategic focus.

In just four months, you can build on your culture of learning and empower your team to make decisions based on data, not assumptions. You’ll finally understand where and how to start making data work for you, your staff, donors, volunteers, and financial supporters.

The Impact Igniter will build confidence across your staff that data can be meaningful.


Perfect For Organizations With:

  • Less than $1mm in revenue with 0-8 employees
  • A craving for a learning-based culture and 5-10 hours a month to dedicate to data literacy
  • A pressing need to jumpstart a data practice that your staff can manage in-house

What does an Impact Manager do?

A ResultsLab Impact Manager will provide ongoing support to implement the following key practices

Data Systems Support

  • Report and dashboard build-out
  • Support data system migration and maintenance
  • Run or populate reports and dashboards to support data-related reporting and share-outs
  • Troubleshoot and support reporting/dashboarding challenges

Data Collection & Analysis Support

  • Define metric and measurement needs and develop data collection tools
  • Conduct supporting data quality review, data management and analysis
  • Conduct focus group discussions or other qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Provide support and structure for data-use sessions


  • Train staff on data collection, management, analysis, and data-use
  • Thought partnership on strategies to improve your impact management practice
  • Support for future Impact Manager hiring selection, onboarding and training

Understand Patterns & Gain Insights

The ability to interpret and use data effectively is one of the largest disruptors the social sector has seen. Advance your mission and your organization’s long-term sustainability. Ignite your ability to make decisions with data today!