Workshops + Trainings

Get the strategies in place to use data to drive informed decisions, and improve the outcomes of your programs. Learn and practice the core concepts of the  ACTTM model to build a strong data practice within your organization.

Flexibility Tailored to Your Organization

Engage in the full ACTTM workshop series.  Strengthen your team’s capacity, and learn the basis of our comprehensive approach that will shift your organizational culture to embrace data. Organizations can also choose to engage in standalone workshops based on your organization’s specific needs and current stage in the data journey.


What is the impact you want to achieve and how will you get there? An Impact Strategy is a road map with clear articulation of exactly: who you serve, with what services, realizing what outcomes and impact. We will facilitate a session that will engage your team to align on your road to impact.


How will you prove impact? We will lead you through a process that will solidify your answer to this question, including your measurement goals, values, approach and sequencing. You will create a long-term learning agenda to guide your measurement focus. We will facilitate a session that will engage your team to align on your measurement strategy.


How do I ensure our data is actually used? We will explore a variety of data use practices and will select one to that is right for the organization. To sustain data use practices, we will create a customized Data Use Strategy to embed data informed decision making into your everyday practice

Duration: 2-hour virtual session

Duration: 2-hour virtual session

Duration: 2-hour virtual session

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Who’s It For?

Our workshops are great for nonprofit leadership and data teams who need to:

Align teams to an organizational level impact strategy and measurement strategy
Clarify how each team member supports the strategy and the outcomes they are working towards
Embed data informed decision making into your everyday practice, with an emphasis on learning

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Data Coaching Series

5 Hour Package

$975 One-time fee
  • 1:1 Coaching: Through this comprehensive engagement, you can work with a ResultsLab Consultant to troubleshoot a data challenge you’re stuck on, or review and get feedback on a data project you’re working on.
  • Duration: 5 hours. These hours can be spent across two sessions that are 2.5 hours long, five sessions that are 1 hour long, or somewhere in between.
  • Virtual Sessions via Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Discovery Coaching

1 Hour Session

$199 One-time fee
  • 1:1 Coaching: Work with a ResultsLab Consultant during this deep dive session to identify your data challenges, and set a direction to overcome them. Get clarity with the support from our data experts, and make forward traction to advance in your data journey.
  • Duration: 1-hour session
  • Virtual Session via Zoom or Microsoft Teams