2024 Impact Accelerator

Join a network of organizations leading the way in Impact Management.


Impact Accelerator

At ResultsLab, we strive to make performance management and evaluation accessible to all organizations. We believe performance management is a key organizational tool to reach outcomes and impact with those you serve. This program follows our ACT™ Model – Align, Capture, Transform – to help you define success and quality, set and collect the right measures to evaluate and use the data to inform key decisions in your organization.


Typical results of Impact Accelerator coaching & implementation:

  • You will create an impact strategy that will clearly define: who you serve, the quantity/quality of your services, and the outcomes you will achieve.
  • You will gain a customized measurement plan and toolkit that meets the needs of your organization.
  • You will gain the skills and practices needed to ensure you are using your data to strengthen your impact.
  • You will begin building a culture of learning within your organization.

 This program is a best fit for those who:

  • Want to develop an organizational culture of learning and improvement.
  • Are able to commit 2-3 staff members over the course of 7-12 months, engaging additional staff at key points in the process.
  • Have the ability to commit 10-15 hours of collective team time toward deliverables each month.

When is it:

  • 2024