Build an Organizational Culture that Embraces Data

Take your foundation through our Impact Accelerator and engage in each step of our ACT™ Model – Align, Capture, Transform.

Get the right data that aligns with your foundation’s overarching goals, and centers the needs of your grantees. Strengthen your decision-making process, and improve the effectiveness of your foundation’s initiatives.


Give you and your team more time to focus on what matters most, and your areas of expertise. We’ll take on the evaluation and impact measurement work.


Gain confidence in your data practice. Utilize our team’s experience, insight, and skills to make sure you’re doing it right every step of the way, and maximize results.


Build a culture of learning with the tools, systems and processes to provide your team with the data to make informed decisions and drive greater impact.

Moving Towards a Strategic and Inclusive Approach

In the philanthropic landscape, foundations are faced with many competing demands, opportunities to pursue, and decisions to make. Without a systematic approach, it can be difficult to make those decisions, and difficult to understand what worked or didn’t work, and what improvements to make.

Our Impact Accelerator is designed to give you a strategic and data-driven approach to guide your work, and the impact you seek to achieve. An approach that is informed by the voices and input of your grantees.  You’ll understand the purpose behind the data you’re collecting, and how you can use data to better support the needs of your community.

How can an Impact Accelerator help?

An Impact Accelerator program is designed to help you empower your team with the right metrics and systematic processes essential to understand the impact of your investments. You’ll receive 1-on-1 support throughout the Accelerator, as well as access to our tools and resources and our network of experts to support your development.

You’ll engage in our ACT™ process – Align, Capture, Transform – and get:

  • Clarity about what impact you intend to achieve, and the practices and investment types are essential to achieving this impact
  • A meaningful evaluation and learning framework, and implementation plan to drive a strong data-informed learning practice within your foundation
  • Data to demonstrate how your investments are making an impact and driving positive change for individuals, families, and communities

Create a Culture of Learning & Improvement

Your team will finally hold a shared vision and embody the mindset, skill set, and tool set necessary to ensure that data strengthens your impact. You’ll collaborate in new ways, and most importantly, you will no longer operate on assumptions.

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Let’s Partner

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call: We’ll discuss your organizational and data needs.
  2. Explore Ideas: We’ll propose a customized plan to address your challenges.
  3. Drive Connection + Insights: We’ll build the tools and processes to ensure you’re getting the feedback and insights to make data-informed decisions that lead to meaningful change.