“Our partnership with ResultsLab has been instrumental in operationalizing a strategic and youth-centered data and evaluation practice within our youth fellowship programs. Their expertise and collaboration have not only enriched our impact story, but equipped us to engage staff effectively and ensure our commitment to youth engagement is reflected throughout the process.”

Lydia PhillipStrategic Advisor and Project Lead, BUILD

“Having an Impact Manager was extremely helpful to support our data impact needs and to give us the tools we need to move forward sustainably.”

Courtney AnikaAssociate Director of Organizational Wellness, Soul 2 Soul Sisters

“Doing the strategic work before building the dashboard made things crystal clear. The connections are easier to see and make sense of – our team really gets it now and can get direct utility from the dashboard we worked on with ResultsLab.”

Jennie MerriganProgram Director, Scholars Unlimited

“ResultsLab presented us with a model to design a strong impact strategy with outcomes that cross through and connect all our bodies of work – from early childhood through college and career readiness – while also helping us to strengthen our measurement and data use practices to build a culture of impact.

Shannon Starkey-TaylorChief Executive Officer, Learning Grove

“Our partnership with ResultsLab has allowed us to implement a number of data tools and systems, and strengthen our culture of learning. By lifting up the voices of our students, we can take the insights and learnings to adapt our services to drive career opportunities and build a strong workforce.”

Damon DiFabioFormer Director, BuildStrong Academy

“ResultsLab has been a valued partner for the last six years. Through our partnership, nearly 40 nonprofit TGYS grantees have participated in ResultsLab’s training and coaching series to build the capacity and skills to utilize data for informed decision-making. ResultsLab’s ACT Model was collaborative and equitable. Their entire team is positive, innovative, bringing an energy to our work that sparks real progress.”

Kristi GriffithFormer Program Administrator, Tony Grampsas Youth Services

“We are building new muscle in a variety of ways and committing ourselves to fostering a culture of inquiry and learning. Through elevating community voice, we are acquiring new understandings of community issues and constituency priorities. This will allow us to adapt and refine our services as we move forward to best meet the needs of our communities.”

Kelli RojasVP of Operations, Rose Community Foundation

“ResultsLab is a true professional in their field, they were timely, realistic and highly reliable. The team took time to get to know us and our work – our sessions together were a bright spot in my day.” 

Lauren BrownFormer Director of Career Pathways, Mi Casa Resource Center

“The team at ResultsLab is reliable and thorough. We also found them personable and easy to talk with.” 

Suzanne BanningChief Executive Officer, Florence Crittenton Services

“ResultsLab is technically rigorous and excellent at engaging all levels of staff. They deliver high-quality results. 

Julie Van DomelenExecutive Director, Emergency Family Assistance Association