Lift Up 
Community Insights

Create intentional and systematic feedback loops between you and your community. Lift up meaningful insights to inform your strategic decisions and drive more impact.

Reimagining the Field of Philanthropy

There is a gap between funders and grantees, where those who are making the decision are distanced from those who are doing the work and the communities closest to the issues. Better listening can close that gap.

Continuous Listening

Moving Beyond One-Off, Disparate Practices

Center your strategic and grantmaking decisions around the voices of your beneficiaries and grantees. Create a sustainable listening practice, deepen your learning, and co-create solutions that are more responsive to your community needs.

Through our process you will:

  • Strengthen trust and relationships with your beneficiaries and grantees
  • Understand what resources will support grantees to become stronger and more resilient
  • Empower communities that are closest to the problem or solution
  • Create a culture of learning in your organization by utilizing our ACT model

Build a Strategy to Inform the Future of Your Work

Our ACT model will walk you through three phases of work, strengthening disparate listening practices to intentional and systematic practices that supports your broader organizational strategies. Our process will enable you and your team to carry your learning forward.


Align your core areas of interest and key questions your organization has. Create a plan outlining the “why”, “how”, “who” and “what” behind your insight work.


Capture insights from your community and involve community representatives in shared sense-making to elevate the most critical and action-oriented findings


Transform your insights to action. We will work together to reflect on the process, lessons learned, and ways to continue to incorporate community insights into your future work.

What Our Clients Say

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Let’s Partner

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call: We’ll discuss your organizational and data needs.
  2. Explore Ideas: We’ll propose a customized plan to address your challenges.
  3. Lift Community Voice: We’ll build the tools and processes to ensure you’re getting the feedback and insights to make data-informed decisions that lead to meaningful change.