The Evidence Continuum


Evidence Continuum_Culture of Learning

Outcome-driven or impact oriented are terms often used in our sector, but what do they truly mean? And more importantly how do you make this a reality in your organization? This training will cover the steps needed to become an impact driven organization.

Who is this workshop for:

This workshop is designed for staff from state and partner agencies. Mid-level and senior staff who wish to deepen their understanding of highly successful programs are welcome. We encourage each participating organization to include at least two members from their organization to join this session.


In this workshop you will:

Participants will have time and space to reflect on each step in the Evidence Continuum and begin building out their own plan of transformation. We will collectively explore the most common roadblocks to bringing this practice into reality and identify ways in which organizations can troubleshoot these challenges. Participants will leave this session with a vision of how to take their next step forward in building an organization that is truly driven by impact.

Throughout this course you will:

  • Inspire staff to think more deeply about how they can work toward evidence-based programming
  • Understand the evidence continuum
  • Understand the steps needed to attain critical evidence for programs
  • Understand key concepts for the implementation of evidence-based programs
  • Develop an action-oriented roadmap to begin an evidence-based journey

Workshop Information

Date: August 8, 2022

Time: 1pm – 3pm CT

Limited to the first 50 participants to register.